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Episode 28 Jell-O Girls

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The Food Podcast is back to its usual programming, sharing personal stories through the lens of food. It’s a tapestry of a show, one where music, sensory experiences, sounds and voices are woven together to tell the guest’s story. 

In this, episode 28, we hear Allie Rowbottom’s story. Allie is the author of Jello-O Girls – a mother-daughter memoir told alongside the history of J E L L – O, one of America’s most iconic brands. She’s also one of the descendants of the Jell-O fortune. Allie shares how wealth can break a family, even a family built on something as simple and sweet as a bowl full of Jell-O. We talk women’s roles, the importance of finding a voice, an outlet, a purpose, and how to break free from the Jell-O mould, on this episode of The Food Podcast.

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